Efficiently upgrade your diesel generator with Chakr’s Dual Fuel Kit

Diesel generators have become a popular choice for powering businesses, homes, and industries due to their reliability and affordability.

This innovative technology has been gaining traction in recent years as it provides an efficient and reliable alternative to traditional diesel generators.

About Chakr's Dual Fuel Kit

Dual fuel technology is a revolutionary concept in the field of diesel generator systems. It refers to the ability of a generator to operate on a mixture of diesel and natural gas.

Why Choose Us

Highest Reliability

Components in Compliance with European standards

Customized Solutions

IoT based monitoring with SMS safety alerts

10 years warranty

Highest in the Market

Lower Capital expenditure

Chakr’s DFK is 3x cheaper than a new gas genset

Maximum Safety

Compliant with EN and NFPA standards

Quick ROI by operating expense reduction

30-40% reduction in DG operating cost resulting in DFK’s ROI in 2-3 years

Components Of Dual Fuel Kit

Gas Train

The gas train is designed to accept input gas at low pressure and deliver it to the engine at a slightly negative pressure.


The mixer is installed on the engine air inlet before the Turbo charger. Combustion is commenced by Diesel as the ignition source and followed by ignition of the Gas.

Logic Controller

The electronic controller takes continuous feedback from multiple sensors placed across the engine and the gas train to ensure the engine always operates under safe OEM limits.

Only Company in the country forayed into RECD and DFK Technology with over 500 installations across the country

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Go green while saving your costs

Upgrade your DG Sets today and join the clean energy movement with Chakr Dual Fuel Kit.