Chakr Innovation’s Dual Benefit Technology that Reduces both Cost and Carbon Emissions

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We sincerely appreciate the outstanding service your company has given to us. We are really impressed with the responsiveness with which your people finished the work by the deadline. With the experience, knowledge and professionalism, Chakr Innovation team made the entire process look easy, error free and comforting. The work quality of these installations was absolutely professional and in accordance with industry standards.
We are more than happy with the installations and highly recommend everyone to get the same, not just for the betterment of the environment, but also for adding incremental years to the life of the DG set.
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Action Construction Equipment Ltd. 
We are thoroughly impressed by Chakr team’s comprehensive explanation of the product, highlighting all its features and benefits. We proceeded to install the kit on our DG sets in all our plants and have been delighted with the results. Not only have we successfully reduced particulate matter (PM) emissions from our DG exhausts, but we have also experienced significant savings in fuel costs by transitioning to Piped Natural Gas. 
Throughout the entire process, the Chakr team exhibited exceptional service and professionalism. We sincerely appreciate their dedication and responsiveness, as they completed the work well within the agreed-upon deadline. Their expertise, knowledge, and unwavering professionalism made the installation seamless, error-free, and reassuring. 
The quality of Chakr team’s workmanship adhered to industry standards and left us thoroughly impressed. 
We wholeheartedly recommend Char innovation. 
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