Our Journey Till Now

Our Journey,

“Pursuit of happiness”
After having spent nearly an year working on our endeavour,  we see the quote above in much brighter light than we did an year back.
With exalted ambitions and a cache of great ideas, we teamed up with the aim of bringing about a change that would put a dent in the universe. After brainstorming for a month, we unanimously decided to commit to the idea of producing ink from soot. The idea was beautiful, with huge implications. Over the period of next 11 months we did our research, build the necessary grounds for our idea, transitioned from design to prototype, did pilots and most importantly, gave it our all.
With our journey just beginning, the world remains to be explored, the present is wonderful and we hope that tomorrow is even more.

Let’s Start a Movement!

Every change starts with you deciding to make the change. Start small but do your bit.
You vote with your wallet. Buy our T-Shirt and products and you support a change.
For every purchase, the air around you gets cleaner and healthier.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle to help. Do what you normally do, wear what you like to wear – just make informed decisions and choose well.
You can bring about this change. You can start the movement. Look good, feel good, and kill some pollution.

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